Young's Literal Translation
Psalms, Chapter 38

   1: A Psalm of David, 'To cause to remember.' Jehovah, in Thy wrath reprove me not, Nor in Thy fury chastise me.
   2: For Thine arrows have come down on me, And Thou lettest down upon me Thy hand.
   3: Soundness is not in my flesh, Because of Thine indignation, Peace is not in my bones because of my sin.
   4: For mine iniquities have passed over my head, As a heavy burden -- too heavy for me.
   5: Stunk -- become corrupt have my wounds, Because of my folly.
   6: I have been bent down, I have been bowed down -- unto excess, All the day I have gone mourning.
   7: For my flanks have been full of drought, And soundness is not in my flesh.
   8: I have been feeble and smitten -- unto excess, I have roared from disquietude of heart.
   9: Lord, before Thee [is] all my desire, And my sighing from Thee hath not been hid.
   10: My heart [is] panting, my power hath forsaken me, And the light of mine eyes, Even they are not with me.
   11: My lovers and my friends over-against my plague stand. And my neighbours afar off have stood.
   12: And those seeking my soul lay a snare, And those seeking my evil Have spoken mischievous things, And they do deceits meditate all the day.
   13: And I, as deaf, hear not. And as a dumb one who openeth not his mouth.
   14: Yea, I am as a man who heareth not, And in his mouth are no reproofs.
   15: Because for Thee, O Jehovah, I have waited, Thou dost answer, O Lord my God.
   16: When I said, 'Lest they rejoice over me, In the slipping of my foot against me they magnified themselves.
   17: For I am ready to halt, And my pain [is] before me continually.
   18: For mine iniquity I declare, I am sorry for my sin.
   19: And mine enemies [are] lively, They have been strong, and those hating me without cause, Have been multiplied.
   20: And those paying evil for good accuse me, Because of my pursuing good.
   21: Do not forsake me, O Jehovah, My God, be not far from me,
   22: Haste to help me, O Lord, my salvation!

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