Young's Literal Translation
Psalms, Chapter 23

   1: A Psalm of David. Jehovah [is] my shepherd, I do not lack,
   2: In pastures of tender grass He causeth me to lie down, By quiet waters He doth lead me.
   3: My soul He refresheth, He leadeth me in paths of righteousness, For His name's sake,
   4: Also -- when I walk in a valley of death-shade, I fear no evil, for Thou [art] with me, Thy rod and Thy staff -- they comfort me.
   5: Thou arrangest before me a table, Over-against my adversaries, Thou hast anointed with oil my head, My cup is full!
   6: Only -- goodness and kindness pursue me, All the days of my life, And my dwelling [is] in the house of Jehovah, For a length of days!

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