Young's Literal Translation
Psalms, Chapter 141

   1: A Psalm, by David. O Jehovah, I have called Thee, haste to me, Give ear [to] my voice when I call to Thee.
   2: My prayer is prepared -- incense before Thee, The lifting up of my hands -- the evening present.
   3: Set, O Jehovah, a watch for my mouth, Watch Thou over the door of my lips.
   4: Incline not my heart to an evil thing, To do habitually actions in wickedness, With men working iniquity, Yea, I eat not of their pleasant things.
   5: The righteous doth beat me [in] kindness. And doth reprove me, Oil of the head my head disalloweth not, For still my prayer [is] about their vexations.
   6: Their judges have been released by the sides of a rock, And they have heard my sayings, For they have been pleasant.
   7: As one tilling and ripping up in the land, Have our bones been scattered at the command of Saul.
   8: But to Thee, O Jehovah, my Lord, [are] mine eyes, In Thee I have trusted, Make not bare my soul.
   9: Keep me from the gin they laid for me, Even snares of workers of iniquity.
   10: The wicked fall in their nets together, till I pass over!

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