Young's Literal Translation
Proverbs, Chapter 13

   1: A wise son -- the instruction of a father, And a scorner -- he hath not heard rebuke.
   2: From the fruit of the mouth a man eateth good, And the soul of the treacherous -- violence.
   3: Whoso is keeping his mouth, is keeping his soul, Whoso is opening wide his lips -- ruin to him!
   4: The soul of the slothful is desiring, and hath not. And the soul of the diligent is made fat.
   5: A false word the righteous hateth, And the wicked causeth abhorrence, and is confounded.
   6: Righteousness keepeth him who is perfect in the way, And wickedness overthroweth a sin offering.
   7: There is who is making himself rich, and hath nothing, Who is making himself poor, and wealth [is] abundant.
   8: The ransom of a man's life [are] his riches, And the poor hath not heard rebuke.
   9: The light of the righteous rejoiceth, And the lamp of the wicked is extinguished.
   10: A vain man through pride causeth debate, And with the counselled [is] wisdom.
   11: Wealth from vanity becometh little, And whoso is gathering by the hand becometh great.
   12: Hope prolonged is making the heart sick, And a tree of life [is] the coming desire.
   13: Whoso is despising the Word is destroyed for it, And whoso is fearing the Command is repayed.
   14: The law of the wise [is] a fountain of life, To turn aside from snares of death.
   15: Good understanding giveth grace, And the way of the treacherous [is] hard.
   16: Every prudent one dealeth with knowledge, And a fool spreadeth out folly.
   17: A wicked messenger falleth into evil, And a faithful ambassador is healing.
   18: Whoso is refusing instruction -- poverty and shame, And whoso is observing reproof is honoured.
   19: A desire accomplished is sweet to the soul, And an abomination to fools [is]: Turn from evil.
   20: Whoso is walking with wise men is wise, And a companion of fools suffereth evil.
   21: Evil pursueth sinners, And good recompenseth the righteous.
   22: A good man causeth sons' sons to inherit, And laid up for the righteous [is] the sinner's wealth.
   23: Abundance of food -- the tillage of the poor, And substance is consumed without judgment.
   24: Whoso is sparing his rod is hating his son, And whoso is loving him hath hastened him chastisement.
   25: The righteous is eating to the satiety of his soul, And the belly of the wicked lacketh!

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