Young's Literal Translation
Job, Chapter 18

   1: And Bildad the Shuhite answereth and saith: --
   2: When do ye set an end to words? Consider ye, and afterwards do we speak.
   3: Wherefore have we been reckoned as cattle? We have been defiled in your eyes!
   4: (He is tearing himself in his anger.) For thy sake is earth forsaken? And removed is a rock from its place?
   5: Also, the light of the wicked is extinguished. And there doth not shine a spark of his fire.
   6: The light hath been dark in his tent, And his lamp over him is extinguished.
   7: Straitened are the steps of his strength, And cast him down doth his own counsel.
   8: For he is sent into a net by his own feet, And on a snare he doth walk habitually.
   9: Seize on the heel doth a gin, Prevail over him do the designing.
   10: Hidden in the earth is his cord, And his trap on the path.
   11: Round about terrified him have terrors, And they have scattered him -- at his feet.
   12: Hungry is his sorrow, And calamity is ready at his side.
   13: It consumeth the parts of his skin, Consume his parts doth death's first-born.
   14: Drawn from his tent is his confidence, And it causeth him to step to the king of terrors.
   15: It dwelleth in his tent -- out of his provender, Scattered over his habitation is sulphur.
   16: From beneath his roots are dried up, And from above cut off is his crop.
   17: His memorial hath perished from the land, And he hath no name on the street.
   18: They thrust him from light unto darkness, And from the habitable earth cast him out.
   19: He hath no continuator, Nor successor among his people, And none is remaining in his dwellings.
   20: At this day westerns have been astonished And easterns have taken fright.
   21: Only these [are] tabernacles of the perverse, And this the place God hath not known.

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