The Bible in Basic English
Psalms, Chapter 40

   1: When I was waiting quietly for the Lord, his heart was turned to me, and he gave ear to my cry.
   2: He took me up out of a deep waste place, out of the soft and sticky earth; he put my feet on a rock, and made my steps certain.
   3: And he put a new song in my mouth, even praise to our God; numbers have seen it with fear, and put their faith in the Lord.
   4: Happy is the man who has faith in the Lord, and does not give honour to the men of pride or to those who are turned away to deceit.
   5: O Lord my God, great are the wonders which you have done in your thought for us; it is not possible to put them out in order before you; when I would give an account of them, their number is greater than I may say.
   6: You had no desire for offerings of beasts or fruits of the earth; ears you made for me: for burned offerings and sin offerings you made no request.
   7: Then I said, See, I come; it is recorded of me in the roll of the book,
   8: My delight is to do your pleasure, O my God; truly, your law is in my heart.
   9: I have given news of righteousness in the great meeting; O Lord, you have knowledge that I have not kept back my words.
   10: Your righteousness has not been folded away in my heart; I have made clear your true word and your salvation; I have not kept secret your mercy or your faith from the great meeting.
   11: Take not away your gentle mercies from me, O Lord; let your mercy and your faith keep me safe for ever.
   12: For unnumbered evils are round about me; my sins have overtaken me, so that I am bent down with their weight; they are more than the hairs of my head, my strength is gone because of them.
   13: Be pleased, O Lord, to take me out of danger; O Lord, come quickly and give me help.
   14: Let those who go after my soul for its destruction have shame and trouble together; let them be turned back and made foolish who take pleasure in my trouble.
   15: Let those who say to me, Aha, aha! be surprised because of their shame.
   16: Let all those who are looking for you be glad and have joy in you; let the lovers of your salvation ever say, May the Lord be great.
   17: Though I am poor and in need, the Lord has me in mind; you are my help and my saviour; let there be no waiting, O my God.

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