The Bible in Basic English
Proverbs, Chapter 28

   1: The evil man goes running away when no man is after him, but the upright are without fear, like the lion.
   2: Because of the sin of the land, its troubles are increased; but by a man of wisdom and knowledge they will be put out like a fire.
   3: A man of wealth who is cruel to the poor is like a violent rain causing destruction of food.
   4: Those who have no respect for the law give praise to the evil-doer; but such as keep the law are against him.
   5: Evil men have no knowledge of what is right; but those who go after the Lord have knowledge of all things.
   6: Better is the poor man whose ways are upright, than the man of wealth whose ways are not straight.
   7: He who keeps the law is a wise son, but he who keeps company with feasters puts shame on his father.
   8: He who makes his wealth greater by taking interest, only gets it together for him who has pity on the poor.
   9: As for the man whose ear is turned away from hearing the law, even his prayer is disgusting.
   10: Anyone causing the upright to go wandering in an evil way, will himself go down into the hole he has made; but the upright will have good things for their heritage.
   11: The man of wealth seems to himself to be wise, but the poor man who has sense has a low opinion of him.
   12: When the upright do well, there is great glory; but when evil-doers are lifted up, men do not let themselves be seen.
   13: He who keeps his sins secret will not do well; but one who is open about them, and gives them up, will get mercy.
   14: Happy is the man in whom is the fear of the Lord at all times; but he whose heart is hard will come into trouble.
   15: Like a loud-voiced lion and a wandering bear, is an evil ruler over a poor people.
   16: The prince who has no sense is a cruel ruler; but he who has no desire to get profit for himself will have long life.
   17: One who has been the cause of a man's death will go in flight to the underworld: let no man give him help.
   18: He whose ways are upright will be safe, but sudden will be the fall of him whose ways are twisted.
   19: By ploughing his land a man will have bread in full measure; but he who goes after good-for-nothing persons will be poor enough.
   20: A man of good faith will have great blessing, but one attempting to get wealth quickly will not go free from punishment.
   21: It is not good to have respect for a man's position: for a man will do wrong for a bit of bread.
   22: He who is ever desiring wealth goes running after money, and does not see that need will come on him.
   23: He who says words of protest to a man will later have more approval than one who says smooth words with his tongue.
   24: He who takes from his father or his mother what is theirs by right, and says, It is no sin; is the same as a taker of life.
   25: He who is ever desiring profit is a cause of fighting; but he who puts his faith in the Lord will be made fat.
   26: He whose faith is in himself is foolish; but everyone walking wisely will be kept safe.
   27: He who gives to the poor will never be in need, but great curses will be on him who gives no attention to them.
   28: When evil-doers are lifted up, men take cover; but when destruction overtakes them, the upright are increased.

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