Psalms, Chapter 91
This psalm is a dialogue, wherein one declares the safety of them, who take God for their keeper, ver. 1. David declares this to be his resolution, ver. 2. Various promises are made to him, ver. 3 - 13. Which God himself confirms, ver. 14 - 16.

1: He - He that makes God his habitation and refuge.

3: Pestilence - From the pestilence, which like a fowler's snare takes men suddenly and unexpectedly.

5: By night - When evil accidents are most terrible and least avoidable. Arrow - The pestilence, or any such destructive calamity; such are frequently called God's arrows. By day - Thou shalt be kept from secret and open mischiefs.

6: Darkness - Invisibly, so that we can neither foresee nor prevent it.

12: Bear thee - Sustain or uphold thee in thy goings, as we do a child.

13: The lion - Shall lie prostrate at thy feet, and thou shalt securely put thy feet upon his neck. Dragon - By which he understands all pernicious creatures, though never so strong, and all sorts of enemies.

14: Because - This and the two following verses are the words of God.

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