Psalms, Chapter 77
The psalmist complains of deep distress, and temptations to despair, ver. 1 - 10. He encourages himself to hope, by the remembrance of what God had done formerly, ver. 11 - 20. To the chief musician, to Jeduthun, A psalm of Asaph.

2: Night - Which to others was a time of rest and quietness.

3: Troubled - Yea, the thoughts of God were now a matter of trouble, because he was angry with me. Overwhelmed - So far was I from finding relief.

4: Waking - By continual grief.

5: The days - The mighty works of God in former times.

6: My song - The mercies of God vouchsafed to me, and to his people, which have obliged me to sing his praises, not only in the day, but also by night.

7: Cut off - His peculiar people.

10: I said - These suspicions of God's faithfulness proceed from the weakness of my faith. The years - The years wherein God hath done great and glorious works, which are often ascribed to God's right - hand.

13: In holiness - God is holy and just, and true in all his works.

16: Afraid - And stood still, as men astonished, do.

17: Poured - When the Israelites passed over the sea. Arrows - Hail - stones or lightnings.

19: Not known - Because the water returned and covered them.

20: Leddest - First through the sea, and afterwards through the wilderness, with singular care and tenderness, as a shepherd doth his sheep.

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