Psalms, Chapter 66
The psalmist calls on all people to praise God, for his sovereign power over the whole creation, ver. 1 - 7. For his special favour to his people, ver. 8 - 12. Praises him for his goodness to himself in particular, ver. 13 - 20. To the chief musician, A song or psalm.

1: All lands - Ye people of all nations. He invites the Gentile world, to the contemplation and celebration of God's works.

6: We - Our nation, or our ancestors, in whose loins we then were.

10: Proved us - As it were in a burning furnace; and with a design to purge out our dross.

11: Net - Which our enemies laid for us.

12: To ride - To use us like slaves.

15: I will go - One speaks in the name of all the rest. Incense - With the fat of rams, which is no less pleasing to God than incense.

18: Iniquity - Any sin. In heart - If my heart had been false to God, although I might have forborne outward acts. If I had been guilty of that, by heart was set upon sin, or I desired only that which I resolved in my heart to spend upon my lusts.

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