Psalms, Chapter 30
He praises God for delivering him, and exhorts others to praise him, ver. 1 - 5. Recollects his former security, and his prayer when in trouble, ver. 6 - 10. And stirs himself up to thankfulness, ver. 11, 12. A Psalm and song, at the dedication of the house of David.

Title of the psalm. Song - A psalm to be sung with the voice to an instrument. David - At the dedication of David's house, which was built, (2Sa 5:11), and doubtless was dedicated, as God had commanded.

5: Cometh - Speedily and in due season.

7: Mountain - My kingdom: kingdoms are usually called mountains in prophetical writings.

9: Profit - What wilt thou gain by it? The dust - Shall they that are dead celebrate thy goodness in the land of the living? Or, shall my dust praise thee?

11: Sackcloth - Given me occasion to put off that sackcloth, which they used to wear in times of mourning,(Es 4:1,Ps 35:13,Isa 32:11,Joe 1:13). Girded - With joy, as with a garment, surrounding me on every side.

12: My glory - My tongue.

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