Psalms, Chapter 25
David distrest, takes refuge in God, ver. 1 - 7. Shews the goodness of God to them that fear him, ver. 8 - 15. Prays for help against his enemies, and for the church, ver. 16 - 22. A psalm of David.

2: Ashamed - Disappointed of my hope.

3: Cause - Without any provocation of mine.

4: Teach - Teach me my duty, and cause me to keep close to it, notwithstanding all temptations.

8: Upright - Holy and true, in all his declarations and offers of mercy to sinners. Therefore - He will not be wanting to such poor sinners as I am, but will guide them into the way of life and peace.

9: The meek - Such as meekly submit themselves to God, and are desirous to be directed and governed by him. Judgment - In the paths of judgment, in the right way.

10: Paths - All the dealings of God with them, yea even those that are afflictive, are done in kindness and faithfulness to them.

11: For - Or, though (as this particle is often rendered) it be great. Possibly he speaks of his sin against Uriah and Bathsheba. Great - Or, much or manifold. For the Hebrew word signifies both great and much.

12: Chuse - Which God appointeth.

13: At ease - Heb. in Good; in the possession and enjoyment of the true good. The land - Canaan; which was given as an earnest of the whole Covenant of Grace, and all its promises.

14: The secret - His love and favour, which is called his secret,(Job 29:4,Pr 3:32), because it is known to none but him that enjoyeth it. Will shew - He will make them clearly to understand it, both its duties and its blessings; neither of which ungodly men rightly understand.

15: Pluck - He will deliver me out of all my troubles.

20: Soul - My life.

22: Israel - If thou wilt not help me, yet spare thy people who suffer for my sake, and in my sufferings.

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