Psalms, Chapter 144
David blesses God for his mercies, ver. 1 - 4. Prays against his enemies, ver. 5 - 8. Promises to praise him, ver.9 - 11. The happiness of those who serve God, ver. 12 - 15. A psalm of David.

2: Subdued - Who hath disposed my peoples hearts to receive and obey me as their king.

5: Come - To help me. Smoke - As Sinai did at thy glorious appearance, (Ex 19:18). This is a figurative and poetical description of God's coming to take vengeance upon his enemies.

7: Strange children - Either of the Heathen nations: or of the rebellious Israelites.

8: Vanity - Vain brags and threatenings which shall come to nothing. Falsehood - Deceiving themselves, by being unable to do what they designed; and others, by not giving them that help which they promised.

12: That - This mercy I beg not only for my own sake, but for the sake of thy people, that they may enjoy those blessings which thou hast promised them; and particularly, that our sons, who are the strength and hopes of a nation, may be like plants, flourishing and growing in height and strength, as plants do in their youth; for when they grow old, they wither and decay. Cornerstone - Strong and beautiful.

14: Breaking in - Of enemies invading the land, or assaulting our cities, and making breaches in their walls. Going out - Of our people, either out of the cities to fight with an invading enemy: or out of the land into captivity.

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