Psalms, Chapter 132
Probably this psalm was wrote by Solomon to be sung at the dedication of the temple, of which he desires God would come and take possession, ver. 8, 9, 10. With these words he concluded his prayer, (2Ch 6:41,42). He pleads David's piety towards God, ver. 1 - 7. And God's promise to David, ver. 11 - 18. A song of degrees.

1: Afflictions - All his sufferings for thy sake.

5: Until - Until I have raised an house in which the ark may be put.

6: It - Of the ark. Ephratah - In the tribe of Ephraim, which was called also Ephratah. Found it - Afterwards we found it in Kirjath - jearim, which signifies a city of woods, in the territory whereof the ark was seated for twenty years.

7: Tabernacles - Into his temple. Footstool - The ark, is often said to sit between the cherubim, which were above the ark.

8: Rest - Into thy resting place, the temple so called,(Isa 66:1), where thou hast now a fixed habitation. The ark - The seat of thy powerful and glorious presence.

10: David's sake - In regard of thy promises vouchsafed to David. Turn not - Cast me not out of thy presence. Of - Of me whom thou hast anointed to be king over thy people.

16: Salvation - With thy saving graces and blessings.

17: There - In Jerusalem. To bud - His power and glory to flourish. A lamp - A successor to continue for ever in his family, as this phrase is expounded (1Ki 11:36,15:4), and particularly one eminent and glorious light, namely, the Messiah.

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