Psalms, Chapter 130
The psalmist confessing his sins, expresses his hope in God, ver. 1 - 6. And exhorts Israel to hope in him, ver.7, 8. A song of degrees.

3: Mark - Observe them accurately and punish them as they deserve. Stand - At thy tribunal.

4: Forgiveness - Thou art able and ready to forgive repenting sinners. Feared - Not with a slavish, but with a childlike fear. This mercy of thine is the foundation of all religion, without which men would desperately proceed in their impious courses.

5: I wait - That he would pardon my sins.

6: They - Whether soldiers that keep the night - watches in an army, or the priests or Levites who did so in the temple.

7: Israel - Every true Israelite. Plenteous - Abundantly sufficient for all persons who accept it upon God's terms.

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