Psalms, Chapter 101
This psalm was composed by David between the time of God's promising the kingdom to him and his actual possession of it. The general scope of David's vow, at his entrance on his government, ver. 1, 2. The particulars of it ver. 3 - 8. A psalm of David.

1: I will sing - I will praise thee, O Lord, for thy mercy and justice, which thou hast so eminently discovered in the government of the world, and of thy people; and I will make it my care to imitate thee herein.

2: I will - I will manage all my affairs with wisdom and integrity. When - God is often said in scripture to come to men, when he fulfills a promise to them. House - In my court and family, as well as in my public administrations.

4: Depart - Shall be turned out of my court. Know - Not own nor countenance.

8: Early - Speedily; as soon as I am seated in the throne.

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