Proverbs, Chapter 29

4: Judgment - By the free and impartial exercise of justice. Gifts - Bribes.

8: Wrath - The wrath of God or of men, who were enraged against it.

9: Whether - Whether he, the wise man, deal sharply with him, or mildly, there is no rest, no end or fruit of the debate.

10: Seek - To preserve it.

15: Left - Suffered to follow his own will without restraint and chastening.

18: No vision - No prophecy; no publick preaching of God's word.

19: A servant - Who is so not only in condition, but also in the temper of his mind, disingenuous, and stubborn. Words - By mere words. Tho' - Though he know thy mind, and his own duty.

20: Hasty - Who is rash and heady in the management of his affairs.

21: Delicately - Allowing him too much freedom, and familiarity. A son - Will find him at last grow insolent, and forgetful of his servile condition.

24: Bewrayeth it not - Which he is bound to do for the publick good.

25: A snare - Is an occasion of many sins.

26: Judgment - The decision of his cause, and the success of all his endeavours.

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