Lamentations, Chapter 5
An humble prayer, presenting to the Lord their great misery, ver. 1 - 15. Confessing their sins, ver. 16 - 18. Imploring deliverance, ver. 19 - 22.

3: We - We are all of us without a king, (our common father) we are deprived of thy fatherly protection, and many young children among us are left without an earthly parent.

4: Sold - Whereas at other times there was abundance of wood and water throughout Judea.

6: We - The ten tribes were all carried captives into Assyria, and many of the kingdom of Judah fled into Egypt. Giving the hand may signify labouring for them: or, yielding up themselves to their power.

7: Their iniquities - The punishment of them.

9: The sword - The enemies lay encamped in all the plains, so that they could stir out no way but the sword of the Chaldeans was upon them.

13: Fell - Not being able to stand under the burdens laid upon them.

16: The crown - All our honour, splendor and dignity.

19: Thy throne - Altho' for our sins thou sufferest our throne to be cast down, yet thou art the same, thy power is not diminished, nor thy goodness abated.

21: Renew - Restore us to our former estate.

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