Jeremiah, Chapter 27
The prophet sends yokes to five neighbouring kings, thereby foreshewing their subjection to Nebuchadnezzar, ver. 1 - 7. He exhorts them to yield, and not to believe false prophets, ver 8 - 11. The like he doth to Zedekiah, ver. 12 - 18. The remnant of the vessels shall be carried to Babylon, and continue there 'till the appointed time, ver. 19 - 22.

2: Thus saith - God commands the prophet to procure some yokes with bonds to make them more fast; and to put one of them upon his own neck, that therein he might be a type both to his own people, and also the people afterward mentioned, that they should be in bondage to the king of Babylon.

3: Of Edom - These nations were neighbours to the Jews, and their princes had their ambassadors resident in Jerusalem.

7: All nations - That is, all these nations. His son - And Evil - Merodach his son, and Belshazzar his grand - child. Until - Until the period of his kingdom shall come, which was after seventy years, according to (Jer 29:10).

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