Isaiah, Chapter 20
The captivity of Egypt and Ethiopia represented, to take off the Jews from seeking to them for help, ver. 1 - 6

1: Sargon - Sennacherib, who, before he came to Jerusalem, came up against and took all the walled cities of Judah, of which Ashdod might be reckoned one, as being in the tribe of Judah.

2: Sackcloth - Which he wore in token of his grief for the calamities that were already come upon Israel, and were coming upon Judah. Naked - Not wholly naked, but without his upper garment, as slaves and prisoners used to do, whose posture he was to represent. Bare - foot - After the manner of mourners and captives.

3: Three years - Not constantly, but when he went abroad among the people, to whom this was appointed for a sign. A sign - When this judgment should come, namely, three years after this prophecy.

4: Uncovered - Having their garments cut off by the middle.

5: They - All that shall trust to them. But under this general expression the Israelites, seem to be principally intended.

6: Of the country - Of this land, in which the prophet was, and to whose inhabitants, these words were uttered. Such - So vain is our hope placed upon such a people as are unable to deliver themselves.

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