Introduction to Ezekiel

The name Ezekiel signifies, The strength of God. And God did indeed make his face strong against all opposition. It was the tradition of the Jews, that for his boldness and faithfulness in reproving them, he was put to death by the captives in Babylon.

The prophecies of this book were spoken and written in Babylon, to the Jews who were captives there. Ezekiel prophesied in the beginning of their captivity, to convince them when they were secure and unhumbled; Daniel, in the latter end of it, to comfort them, when they were dejected and discouraged.

There is much in this book which is very mysterious, especially in the beginning and latter end of it. But tho' the visions are intricate, the sermons are plain, and the design of them is, to shew God's people their transgressions. And tho' the reproofs and threatenings are very sharp, yet toward the close we have very comfortable promises, to be fulfilled in the kingdom of the Messiah, of whom indeed Ezekiel speaks less than almost any of the prophets.

The visions, which are his credentials, we have, chap. 1 - 3. The reproofs and threatenings, chap. 4 - 24. We have messages sent to the neighbouring nations, foretelling their destruction, chap. 25 - 35. To make way for the restoration of Israel, and the re - establishment of their city and temple, which are foretold, chap. 36 - 48.

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