2nd Chronicles, Chapter 10
The people request Rehoboam to ease their grievances, ver. 1 - 5. Rehoboam rejecting the old mens counsel, by the advice of the young men answers them roughly, ver. 6 - 15. Ten tribes revolt, ver. 16 - 19.

4: Grievous - It is probable, when Solomon had declined from God, that God left him to himself to act thus impolitically.

7: If thou be kind, &c. - Moderate counsels are generally best. Gentleness will do what violence will not do. Good words cost nothing but a little self - denial, and yet they purchase great things.

16: See to thine own house - When public affairs are in a ferment, violent proceedings do but make ill worse. Many have been driven to the mischief they did not intend, by being too severely dealt with.


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