Psalms, Chapter 98

      Ps 98:1-9. In view of the wonders of grace and righteousness displayed in God's salvation, the whole creation is invited to unite in praise.

      1. gotten . . . victory--literally, "made salvation," enabled Him to save His people.
      right hand, and . . . arm--denote power.
      holy arm--or, "arm of holiness," the power of His united moral perfections (Ps 22:3 32:11).

      2. salvation--the result of His righteousness (Ps 7:17 31:1), and both are publicly displayed.

      3. The union of mercy and truth (Ps 57:3 85:10) secure the blessings of the promise (Ge 12:3 18:18) to all the world (Isa 52:10).

      4-6. make a loud noise--or, "burst forth" (Isa 14:7 44:23).
      before . . . King--hail Him as your sovereign; and while, with every aid to demonstrate zeal and joy, intelligent creatures are invited to praise, as in Ps 96:11-13, inanimate nature is also summoned to honor Him who triumphs and rules in righteousness and equity.

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