Psalms, Chapter 100

      Ps 100:1-5. As closing this series (see on Ps 93:1), this Psalm is a general call on all the earth to render exalted praise to God, the creator, preserver, and benefactor of men.

      1, 2. With thankful praise, unite service as the subjects of a king (Ps 2:11,12).

      3. To the obligations of a creature and subject is added that of a beneficiary (Ps 95:7).

      4. Join joyfully in His public worship. The terms are, of course, figurative (compare Ps 84:2 92:13 Isa 66:23).
      Enter--or, "Come with solemnity" (Ps 95:6).

      5. The reason: God's eternal mercy and truth (Ps 25:8 89:7).

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