Job, Chapter 25


      Job 25:1-6. BILDAD'S REPLY.

      He tries to show Job's rashness (Job 23:3), by arguments borrowed from Eliphaz (Job 15:15), with which compare Job 11:17.

      2. Power and terror, that is, terror-inspiring power.
      peace in his high places--implying that His power is such on high as to quell all opposition, not merely there, but on earth also. The Holy Ghost here shadowed forth Gospel truths (Col 1:20 Eph 1:10).

      3. armies--angels and stars (Isa 40:26 Jer 33:22 Ge 15:5; "countless," Da 7:10).
      his light--(Jas 1:17).

      4. (Job 4:17,18 14:4 15:14).

      5. "Look up even unto the moon" (Job 15:15). "Stars" here answer to "saints" (angels); the moon" here to "the heavens" there. Even the "stars," the most dazzling object to man's eye, and the angels, of which the stars are emblems (Job 4:18 Re 9:1), are imperfect in His sight. Theirs is the light and purity but of creatures; His of the Creator.

      6. (Job 4:19-21 15:16).
      worm . . . worm--Two distinct Hebrew words. The first, a worm bred in putridity; alluding to man's corruption. The second a crawling worm; implying that man is weak and grovelling.

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