Young's Literal Translation
Psalms, Chapter 62

   1: To the Overseer, for Jeduthun. -- A Psalm of David. Only -- toward God [is] my soul silent, From Him [is] my salvation.
   2: Only -- He [is] my rock, and my salvation, My tower, I am not much moved.
   3: Till when do ye devise mischief against a man? Ye are destroyed all of you, As a wall inclined, a hedge that is cast down.
   4: Only -- from his excellency They have consulted to drive away, They enjoy a lie, with their mouth they bless, And with their heart revile. Selah.
   5: Only -- for God, be silent, O my soul, For from Him [is] my hope.
   6: Only -- He [is] my rock and my salvation, My tower, I am not moved.
   7: On God [is] my salvation, and my honour, The rock of my strength, my refuge [is] in God.
   8: Trust in Him at all times, O people, Pour forth before Him your heart, God [is] a refuge for us. Selah.
   9: Only -- vanity [are] the low, a lie the high. In balances to go up they than vanity [are] lighter.
   10: Trust not in oppression, And in robbery become not vain, Wealth -- when it increaseth -- set not the heart.
   11: Once hath God spoken, twice I heard this, That 'strength [is] with God.'
   12: And with Thee, O Lord, [is] kindness, For Thou dost recompense to each, According to his work!

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