Young's Literal Translation
Psalms, Chapter 59

   1: To the Overseer. -- 'Destroy not,' by David. -- A secret treasure, in Saul's sending, and they watch the house to put him to death. Deliver me from mine enemies, O my God, From my withstanders set me on high.
   2: Deliver me from workers of iniquity, And from men of blood save me.
   3: For, lo, they laid wait for my soul, Assembled against me are strong ones, Not my transgression nor my sin, O Jehovah.
   4: Without punishment they run and prepare themselves, Stir up to meet me, and see.
   5: And Thou, Jehovah, God of Hosts, God of Israel, Awake to inspect all the nations. Favour not any treacherous dealers of iniquity. Selah.
   6: They turn back at evening, They make a noise like a dog, And go round about the city.
   7: Lo, they belch out with their mouths, Swords [are] in their lips, for 'Who heareth?'
   8: And Thou, O Jehovah dost laugh at them, Thou dost mock at all the nations.
   9: O my Strength, unto Thee I take heed, For God [is] my tower -- the God of my kindness.
   10: God doth go before me, He causeth me to look on mine enemies.
   11: Slay them not, lest my people forget, Shake them by Thy strength, And bring them down, O Lord our shield.
   12: The sin of their mouth [is] a word of their lips, And they are captured in their pride, And from the curse and lying they recount.
   13: Consume in fury, consume and they are not, And they know that God is ruling in Jacob, To the ends of the earth. Selah.
   14: And they turn back at evening, They make a noise like a dog, And they go round about the city.
   15: They -- they wander for food, If they are not satisfied -- then they murmur.
   16: And I -- I sing [of] Thy strength, And I sing at morn [of] Thy kindness, For thou hast been a tower to me, And a refuge for me in a day of adversity.
   17: O my Strength, unto Thee I sing praise, For God [is] my tower, the God of my kindness!

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