Young's Literal Translation
Psalms, Chapter 2

   1: Why have nations tumultuously assembled? And do peoples meditate vanity?
   2: Station themselves do kings of the earth, And princes have been united together, Against Jehovah, and against His Messiah:
   3: 'Let us draw off Their cords, And cast from us Their thick bands.'
   4: He who is sitting in the heavens doth laugh, The Lord doth mock at them.
   5: Then doth He speak unto them in His anger, And in His wrath He doth trouble them:
   6: 'And I -- I have anointed My King, Upon Zion -- My holy hill.'
   7: I declare concerning a statute: Jehovah said unto me, 'My Son Thou [art], I to-day have brought thee forth.
   8: Ask of Me and I give nations -- thy inheritance, And thy possession -- the ends of earth.
   9: Thou dost rule them with a sceptre of iron, As a vessel of a potter Thou dost crush them.'
   10: And now, O kings, act wisely, Be instructed, O judges of earth,
   11: Serve ye Jehovah with fear, And rejoice with trembling.
   12: Kiss the Chosen One, lest He be angry, And ye lose the way, When His anger burneth but a little, O the happiness of all trusting in Him!

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