Young's Literal Translation
Lamentations, Chapter 5

   1: Remember, O Jehovah, what hath befallen us, Look attentively, and see our reproach.
   2: Our inheritance hath been turned to strangers, Our houses to foreigners.
   3: Orphans we have been -- without a father, our mothers [are] as widows.
   4: Our water for money we have drunk, Our wood for a price doth come.
   5: For our neck we have been pursued, We have laboured -- there hath been no rest for us.
   6: [To] Egypt we have given a hand, [To] Asshur, to be satisfied with bread.
   7: Our fathers have sinned -- they are not, We their iniquities have borne.
   8: Servants have ruled over us, A deliverer there is none from their hand.
   9: With our lives we bring in our bread, Because of the sword of the wilderness.
   10: Our skin as an oven hath been burning, Because of the raging of the famine.
   11: Wives in Zion they have humbled, Virgins -- in cities of Judah.
   12: Princes by their hand have been hanged, The faces of elders have not been honoured.
   13: Young men to grind they have taken, And youths with wood have stumbled.
   14: The aged from the gate have ceased, Young men from their song.
   15: Ceased hath the joy of our heart, Turned to mourning hath been our dancing.
   16: Fallen hath the crown [from] our head, Wo [is] now to us, for we have sinned.
   17: For this hath our heart been sick, For these have our eyes been dim.
   18: For the mount of Zion -- that is desolate, Foxes have gone up on it.
   19: Thou, O Jehovah, to the age remainest, Thy throne to generation and generation.
   20: Why for ever dost Thou forget us? Thou forsakest us for length of days!
   21: Turn us back, O Jehovah, unto Thee, And we turn back, renew our days as of old.
   22: For hast Thou utterly rejected us? Thou hast been wroth against us -- exceedingly?

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