Young's Literal Translation
Job, Chapter 7

   1: Is there not a warfare to man on earth? And as the days of an hireling his days?
   2: As a servant desireth the shadow, And as a hireling expecteth his wage,
   3: So I have been caused to inherit months of vanity, And nights of misery they numbered to me.
   4: If I lay down then I said, 'When do I rise!' And evening hath been measured, And I have been full of tossings till dawn.
   5: Clothed hath been my flesh [with] worms, And a clod of dust, My skin hath been shrivelled and is loathsome,
   6: My days swifter than a weaving machine, And they are consumed without hope.
   7: Remember Thou that my life [is] a breath, Mine eye turneth not back to see good.
   8: The eye of my beholder beholdeth me not. Thine eyes [are] upon me -- and I am not.
   9: Consumed hath been a cloud, and it goeth, So he who is going down to Sheol cometh not up.
   10: He turneth not again to his house, Nor doth his place discern him again.
   11: Also I -- I withhold not my mouth -- I speak in the distress of my spirit, I talk in the bitterness of my soul.
   12: A sea-[monster] am I, or a dragon, That thou settest over me a guard?
   13: When I said, 'My bed doth comfort me,' He taketh away in my talking my couch.
   14: And thou hast affrighted me with dreams, And from visions thou terrifiest me,
   15: And my soul chooseth strangling, Death rather than my bones.
   16: I have wasted away -- not to the age do I live. Cease from me, for my days [are] vanity.
   17: What [is] man that Thou dost magnify him? And that Thou settest unto him Thy heart?
   18: And inspectest him in the mornings, In the evenings dost try him?
   19: How long dost Thou not look from me? Thou dost not desist till I swallow my spittle.
   20: I have sinned, what do I to Thee, O watcher of man? Why hast Thou set me for a mark to Thee, And I am for a burden to myself -- and what?
   21: Thou dost not take away my transgression, And cause to pass away mine iniquity, Because now, for dust I lie down: And Thou hast sought me -- and I am not!

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