Young's Literal Translation
Job, Chapter 27

   1: And Job addeth to lift up his simile, and saith: --
   2: God liveth! He turned aside my judgment, And the Mighty -- He made my soul bitter.
   3: For all the while my breath [is] in me, And the spirit of God in my nostrils.
   4: My lips do not speak perverseness, And my tongue doth not utter deceit.
   5: Pollution to me -- if I justify you, Till I expire I turn not aside mine integrity from me.
   6: On my righteousness I have laid hold, And I do not let it go, My heart doth not reproach me while I live.
   7: As the wicked is my enemy, And my withstander as the perverse.
   8: For what [is] the hope of the profane, When He doth cut off? When God doth cast off his soul?
   9: His cry doth God hear, When distress cometh on him?
   10: On the Mighty doth he delight himself? Call God at all times?
   11: I shew you by the hand of God, That which [is] with the Mighty I hide not.
   12: Lo, ye -- all of you -- have seen, And why [is] this -- ye are altogether vain?
   13: This [is] the portion of wicked man with God, And the inheritance of terrible ones From the Mighty they receive.
   14: If his sons multiply -- for them [is] a sword. And his offspring [are] not satisfied [with] bread.
   15: His remnant in death are buried, And his widows do not weep.
   16: If he heap up as dust silver, And as clay prepare clothing,
   17: He prepareth -- and the righteous putteth [it] on, And the silver the innocent doth apportion.
   18: He hath built as a moth his house, And as a booth a watchman hath made.
   19: Rich he lieth down, and he is not gathered, His eyes he hath opened, and he is not.
   20: Overtake him as waters do terrors, By night stolen him away hath a whirlwind.
   21: Take him up doth an east wind, and he goeth, And it frighteneth him from his place,
   22: And it casteth at him, and doth not spare, From its hand he diligently fleeth.
   23: It clappeth at him its hands, And it hisseth at him from his place.

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