The Bible in Basic English
Psalms, Chapter 140

   1: O Lord, take me out of the power of the evil man; keep me safe from the violent man:
   2: For their hearts are full of evil designs; and they are ever making ready causes of war.
   3: Their tongues are sharp like the tongue of a snake; the poison of snakes is under their lips. (Selah.)
   4: O Lord, take me out of the hands of sinners; keep me safe from the violent man: for they are designing my downfall.
   5: The men of pride have put secret cords for my feet; stretching nets in my way, so that they may take me with their tricks. (Selah.)
   6: I have said to the Lord, You are my God: give ear, O Lord, to the voice of my prayer.
   7: O Lord God, the strength of my salvation, you have been a cover over my head in the day of the fight.
   8: O Lord, give not the wrongdoer his desire; give him no help in his evil designs, or he may be uplifted in pride. (Selah.)
   9: As for those who come round me, let their heads be covered by the evil of their lips.
   10: Let burning flames come down on them: let them be put into the fire, and into deep waters, so that they may not get up again.
   11: Let not a man of evil tongue be safe on earth: let destruction overtake the violent man with blow on blow.
   12: I am certain that the Lord will take care of the cause of the poor, and of the rights of those who are troubled.
   13: Truly, the upright will give praise to your name: the holy will have a place in your house.

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